About Us

 Vancouver Branch Directors

 Chair and co-Webmaster  Tony Vollmers   tony.vollmers@stxeurope.com  Ph: 604-216-3380
 Vice Chair & Membership Coordinator  Allan Turner  aturner@ral.bc.ca  Ph: 604-736-9466
 Sponsorship Advertising  Al Dawson  info@abdyachts.com  Ph: 604-980-8711
 Technical Papers Chair  Alan Novotny  anovotny@finning.ca  Ph: 604-231-3900
 Secretary & Technical Papers co-chair  Matthias Teichrieb  matthias.teichrieb@stxeurope.com  Ph: 604-216-3372
 Public Relations  Bob Brown  cimare@burrardironworks.com  Ph: 604-684-2491
 Public Relations, Newsletter & Scholarships  David Rahn  david@westernmariner.com  Ph: 604-921-7209
 Past Chair & National Representative  Russel Oye  roye@bcit.ca  Ph: 604-453-4116
 Scholarships  Francis Lin  flin.imcl@telus.net  Ph: 604-980-6775
 Treasurer  David Simpson  dwysimpson@shaw.ca  
 Student Coordinator and Webmaster  George Coman  george@gecomarine.com  Ph: 604-988-4411
The excutive would like to express their gratitude to Bill Stewart for his time and effort serving as chair and national representative over the years. Thank you very much Mr.Stewart!