Welcome to the CIMarE Vancouver Branch website!

The Vancouver Branch of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering was established in 1949 to:

  • Enable Marine Engineers and those of associated professions to meet, correspond and facilitate the interchange of ideas, and the publication and communication of information.

  • Uphold standards of knowledge and experience and apply such standards for election to membership in the Institute.

  • Co-operate with kindred professional associations.

  • Maintain and improve the status of the Marine Engineering profession.

  • Co-operate with educational establishments in the furtherance of education in the science and practice of Marine Engineering.

  • Co-operate with the governments of Canada, the provinces and other agencies to establish regulations and policies for the betterment of the profession.

Membership is open to professionals working in the marine engineering, marine design and related fields (see Membership page).


Technical and social programmes are offered throughout the year by the Vancouver Branch (see Events page) and the major annual technical conference, Mari-Tech, is hosted in Vancouver every sixth year.

The Vancouver Branch of CIMarE also offers scholarship programmes for marine engineering students enrolled at the BCIT Marine Campus.


The Vancouver Branch is governed by the CIMarE National Council, headquartered in Ontario, and works in partnership with five other active branches across Canada. Information on the CIMarE National Council is available at www.cimare.org